A Master Of Craft... / by Alexander Zoltai


Mallachy Kearns is as famous of a bodhran maker in the world as there is . There traditional Irish drum is most commonly used in Irish music but has been used and adapted in many other types of music over the years.

While on a motion shoot with Mallachy in Roundstone, in the west of Ireland, I snapped a few stills of the instrument maker as he stretched goat skin over a new drum. It was really interesting to learn about the process, one that has not changed a whole lot even with the advent of new technology. He has become so well known in his drum making, that a letter from President Obama was delivered while we were shooting, thanking him or the drum that the Republic of Ireland sent him as a gift, made by none other than Mallachy. I can't wait to hear some of the President's Irish songs that will be coming out soon...