Selfie Fest... by Alexander Zoltai

selfie Back in MPLS after a travel tornado took us to some great locations. We were in Paris, China, all over Australia and wrapped with a few days in Hong Kong. I'll get some snaps out from it soon, until then, thought it was pretty funny watching everyone take snaps of themselves on a nice night out in Hong Kong...selfies are the new black...

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go... by Alexander Zoltai

0M6A9248 The next few weeks are going to be pretty fun, visually first and foremost, but just plain fun too. Excited to spend time with everyone we're getting the chance to work with and everywhere we're working in. We're kicking off a three week job in Paris, more to come...

Advance Auto Parts / Raleigh NC... by Alexander Zoltai

aap Had the pleasure of shooting a week of Advance Auto Parts this summer. We've worked with AAP for years now to shoot a more "human" car store campaign. Bringing to the forefront the people doing the work, not just the part. It's super fun, down and dirty. Look for a beautiful B&W campaign from Advance, that's what we were working on!

Runnin & Gunnin... by Alexander Zoltai

run It's been a great last month and I'm back in MPLS now after touching down all over the country as of late. Getting lots of drives ready to ship out. We got motion and stills coming up that are really exciting. Looking forward to a relaxing holiday here in Sota, wishing you a wonderful holiday!

Red Kap by Alexander Zoltai

redkap Had the pleasure of working with Red Kap throughout the summer. It's really great working with clients and brands that people really identify with. People REALLY identify with Red Kap and their work apparel. We'll look forward to sharing more with you and shooting more with RK. Thanks so much to all involved on these!

Boston / Bauer... by Alexander Zoltai

bos2 bos1 Got to go to Boston a few weeks ago with Bauer for the opening of their first ever retail store. Super cool to see so much work that we've done over the years up in the store! Can't wait to see one go up in Minneapolis! Sorry to have been MIA as of late, just been on the road a lot and filling up drives. Will share more soon!

Tattersall Distilling... by Alexander Zoltai

cover A few motion / still projects that we've been working on are getting close to being released into the wild. Collaborating with Tattersall Distilling in NE to create a series of bartender spotlights, the first two a ready to go. Speaking of, you should go to Tattersall!

30 on 30... by Alexander Zoltai

30 A few days back, I set out to capture 30 portraits of people I didn't know on my 30th birthday. It was a really interesting experiment. Met some great people, made some friends...and the exact opposite of that too. What came out of it were 30 portraits of the first 30 people to accept. Some turned out great! See the collection here ( or find it on Facebook @ Alexander Zoltai...